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Lledo models


Welcome to our Collectors Website for presentation of Lledo die cast models. We would like to present the selection of Days Gone vintage and classic models made by Lledo PLC. It is general guide for Lledo Models fans and collectors and also contains a listing of many models and catalogues. We pay attention to introducing the collection of buses and coaches from the bygone days of road transport.

We do not produce any models and we are not-for-profit website. Our website is here to help you with collecting of Lledo models. Come into the website and join in the fun.

Lledo 10 Single Decker Bus

DG 10005 Single Decker Bus Potteries

Lledo 10 Single Decker Bus

Lledo 10 Single Decker Bus


The brand of Lledo begins when Jack Odell, once a manager Lesney Toys (the company that produced Matchbox Toys for many years), founded a new firm and gave it his name spelled backward. The first six models, which appeared on the market in 1983, reminded us of the earlier Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, most popular models of 60´s. The five of these six models was horsedrawn. They were followed by new models every year, mainly commercial vehicles that could be used with many different logo varieties. more

The bygone days of road transport are recaptured within this DAYS GONE range of vintage die cast models from Lledo Collectibles. Trucks, Vans, Buses and more, they are all here, many featuring famous and well known brands and household names of the past and present.


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